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"The music of Loco Zydeco is a great testament to how far the indigenous Zydeco music of Louisiana has traveled. The Canadians have always embraced our music. Loco Zydeco shows how much they respect the pioneers and creators of the genre. They play their hearts out and they do a fantastic job interpreting the various styles within the genre. We really appreciate them for the love they have for our Zydeco music!"

Grammy award winning, Louisiana Zydeco Legend, Terrance Simien
December, 2006

“This band is tight. What’s even more astounding is the authenticity of their music. You think these folks are from Lafayette or something, anywhere but Toronto. All the band members appear to be veteran musicians, and this new CD tells the story. With a whopping 17 tunes, there seems to be something for everyone.  The songs veer from traditional waltz themes to upbeat contemporary dance numbers, never straying from their style. This is the ultimate party and dance music that people have been looking for.”

Dirk Wissbaum’s review of Time To Turn The Key
Dec. 2008/Jan. 2009 issue of Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine, U.S.

“Time to Turn the Key is one of the most infectious records of Zydeco music that has been released in the last months. Zydeco fans will be pleased to hear the more traditional songs, such as Feelin’ Fine, Face Down in Plaisance, Hey Ma Hey Pa and The Two Step. For those that enjoy their Zydeco with a touch of blues, Honey Bee and Merry Go Round are highly recommended. For Zydeco listeners who are more into pop music, we pick the songs Next Time and Shine. These songs are more radio friendly, just like the sweet ballad Christine Lamour, which could very well be a hit in the making.…what a party! Result: Yeah You Right Eh!, This Great White North, Eh! and Time to Turn the Key are pure party albums that cannot be absent in the music collection of anybody who claims to be a true roots music fan.”

Freddy Celis’ Review of Time To Turn The Key
Dec. 2008 issue of ROOTSTIME, Belgium

“This third CD shows the benefits of hard work, a consistent lineup and talent…‘Next Time’ just might get commercial radio play, as might the lovely ballad ‘Christine Lamour’….. There’s still traditional zydeco on the generous 17-song program to remind fans of where they came from, songs like ‘Hey Ma Hey Pa’ & ‘The Two Step’…..I hope nothing impedes their progress, this is a band with a future.”

John Valenteyn's review of  Time To Turn The Key  
Aug. 2008 issue of Maple Blues Magazine, Canada

“Time To Turn the Key offers pleasant evidence that Louisiana’s influence crosses international borders. This set of pop and rock inflected Cajun and Creole music from Ontario’s Loco Zydeco deals with
traditional subjects like dancing, romance, and hangovers, although Boom Boom addresses a crytozoological mystery. Primary songwriters Ray Walsh and Dave the Cat share the bulk of the
instrumental spotlight, and the rhythm section is tight. Rob Urquhart’s voice has a timbre that sometimes is unsettlingly reminiscent of Warren Zevon’s. Listen first to the ballad Christine Lamour, the simplistic
Zydeco tune Hey Now, and the Bluesy Honey Bee.”

Tom Hyslop’s review of Time To Turn The Key 
Feb./Mar. 2009 issue of Blues Revue Magazine, U.S.

“'Time To Turn The Key' is one of the best CD's, Zydeco based or otherwise, I have heard in quite a while. Loco Zydeco seems to have that something special that immediately clicks with it’s audience and leaves them eagerly awaiting for another track to begin...I highly recommend this CD and eagerly await their next.”

John Vermilyea’s review of Time To Turn The Key
Blues Underground Network, 2008, Canada

 "Loco Zydeco is a six person high energy group. The music was not only hot, but smooth and had the entire audience either moving in their seats or standing on their feet, dancing in place."

Washington D.C. based Gary Hayman's ZydE-Zine review of LZ's
Toronto WinterFest performance February 13th, 2003 edition

"Loco Zydeco kicked the music up more than a few notches last Saturday evening for the Downtown Welland Music Series.... Punchy, infectious rhythms were the highlight of this lively concert of original and covers... The catchy, upbeat rhythms had toes tapping, legs swinging and heads nodding to the traditional tunes that were quite unlike anything I'd ever experienced live before."

Lynne Pepas' review of LZ's performance at Welland ON's Downtown Music Series,
Wednesday July 25th, 2007, Welland Tribune

"This Great White North, Eh" is one of the most stimulating albums that has appeared in Zydeco so far. What a party!......bring this band here soon, please!"

Freddy Celis’ review of This Great White North, Eh!
December, 2006 issue of ROOTSTIME, Belgium

"This is a very strong album....they present a fine set of standards and originals. Credentials are quickly established with rousing takes on Zydeco Boogaloo and Give Him Cornbread before the first original,  I Don't Mind, establishes they can write in the style successfully."

John Valenteyn's review of debut c.d. Yeah, you right, eh!
November, 2003 issue of Maple Blues Online, John's Blues Picks

"14 tracks that are the backdrop for that all night, crawfish fry-up and dance party you wanna have. The washboard is scratchin', the drums are shufflin', the squeezebox is greased and gassed and the party is on. If it's that Zydeco Boogie you like, this will be right up your alley."

Manitoba Blues Society Blues News review of Yeah, you right, eh!
Summer, 2004 Issue

"This c.d. really surprised me a lot. All the elements from real South-Louisiana Zydeco are present! These Canadians play it with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Most Zydeco fans will surely love it. This c.d. includes 14 good dance-able tracks by a band that brings a perfect combination of professionalism and spontaneity."

Yves Messany's review of Yeah, you right, eh!
January 10th, 2004 issue of Cajun' Corner, Belgium

"'This Great White North, Eh!' features 14 self-penned Zydeco tracks......they did a nice job to bring that live feeling (to) the CD......all songs are well-played and have a professional energetic sound......this CD can reach a wide audience. Well done again Loco Zydeco!"

 Yves Messany's review of This Great White North, Eh!
December, 2006 issue of Cajun' Corner, Belgium

"This band is a real crowd pleaser, pushing the envelope in just the right directions to attract crowds experiencing Zydeco for the first time. These were mostly people who had never danced to Zydeco before and they really enjoyed it......"

Gary Hayman's review of LZ's Yeah, you right, eh! c.d. release party.
October 31st, 2003 issue of ZydE-Zine